All programs are developed for each individual age group in either 4 or 8 week cycles. Starting with our youngest ones at 2 years old, our ABC program. Agility, Balance and Coordination. Moving on to our 3 year olds now learning to run with the ball, turn and change direction. Ending with our 4 year old program which is preparation for the U5 program at our partner club Westbury Soccer Club.

ABC Program

 2 Years Old

In this 35 minute class children will have their truest introduction to soccer. Many of the participants will get their first taste of moving and manipluating the ball. Learning the basics of Agility, Balance and Coordination all in these themed sessions with our coach. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to join in!

Cub Program

3 Years Old

In this 45 minute class children will get to burn off some of that energy! All games are desingned to encourage players to feel comfortable dribbling the ball at their feet. Changing direction, evasion games and scoring goals are just a taste of what we do each week in our themed classes. Themes include Pirate Soccer, Soccer Zoo and many more!

Pride Program

4 Years Old

A 45 minute class. This age group may have some players already participating in the Under 5 Program at our partner club Westbury Soccer Club. However, if you were late to register or your child is aprehensive about joining a "team" then this program helps create a basic understanding of the game and progresses the topics from our 3 year old program, so they hit the ground running!

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